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Giving your property a fresh start is completely possible anytime with the help of Golden Sweep House Cleaning. Our experienced professionals in East Wenatchee, WA are flexible, versatile, and make use of high-quality materials only. Learn what we do below!

House Cleaning in East Wenatchee, WA

House Cleaning

Dust and allergens play a huge role in people’s health. Most of the time, it is your environment that makes you sick. If you want a good old sanitization of all your surfaces to start fresh and clean, we’re here to help. We’ll go over each corner of your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and anywhere you wish.


Residential and Commercial Post Construction Clean Up

Once you put the finishing touches to your renovation, leave your property in our hands. We guarantee well-cleaned spaces – dust and dirt-free to the very last detail. Every single aspect of your rooms will be shining.


After Party Clean Up

You have just hosted the party of the year. Maybe it was the Great Gatsby style or something a bit less glamorous but it still left quite the mess behind. We’re experienced with tackling occasional red wine stains, messy kitchens, and sticky countertops.


Commercial Cleaning

If your business premises definitely need some love too, then you know who to call. Places, where high foot traffic combines with busy professionals, tend to become an eyesore rather quickly. We won’t let that happen. Delegating us the task of keeping your commercial premises clean is a smart thing to do.


Office Cleaning

A safe and healthy workplace is the least you can provide for your employees. Golden Sweep House Cleaning will help you create a productive and tidy office, in which your team will thrive. When our minds are busy with more important tasks, we often let things like cleaning slip out of them. That’s what we’re here for!


Vacation Homes Cleaning

If you own a property in East Wenatchee, WA that you only visit once a year on your regular stay in the summer, the last thing you want to spend your time on is cleaning it. Yet, it has probably accumulated some dust in the time you were gone. Our cleaners will come equipped and get the job done quickly so you can enjoy using the property in a perfect condition.


Rental Property Cleaning

Maybe you have a house or two that you are renting out. You also have your own home that needs to be cleaned. You don’t have time for both? Leave your rental property to us! You can greatly benefit from building a relationship with a cleaning company that knows your requirements and you don’t have to go over them again and again. We would love it if that’s us!


Give us a call at (509) 312-3249 today and let us handle your cleaning needs!

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